Lowbury Lecture

Professor Edward Joseph Lister Lowbury lends his name to an annual lecture awarded by the Society. Professor Lowbury was was President of the Society from 1980-1984.

In 1998 and 2002, the Lowbury lectures opened the 4th and 5th International Conferences which were held in Edinburgh, the city where his namesake, Joseph Lister, pioneered the first practical expression of infection control.

A pioneer himself, Edward Lowbury was the doyen of modern infection control and his work on matters as fundamental as disinfection of hands and cleaning hospital floors is still pertinent today.

Lowbury Lecturers

We are delighted to announce that Professor Petra Gastmeier, Director of the Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin), will deliver the 2019 Lowbury Lecture during FIS 2019 on 12 November). The title of the lecture will be ‘From one size fits all to personalized infection prevention’. 

2019 Professor P Gastmeier
2018 Professor S Huang - to listen to the live audio recording, visit here
2017 Professor N Graves
2016 Professor S Saint
2015 Professor H Goossens
2014 Professor W H Seto
2013 Dr M A Borg
2012 Dr S Harbarth
2011 Professor S Hori
2010 Dr H Grundmann
2009 Mr K Roth
2008 Dr L Raka
2007 Professor S Mehtar
2006 Professor W Jarvis
2005 Dr A Hambraeus
2004 Professor J W Pearman
2003 Professor D Pittet
2002 Professor W A Rutala
2001 Dr A G Duse
2000 Dr A Voss
1999 Dr O B Jepson
1998 Professor K Hiramatsu
1997 Dr S Valway
1996 Dr J Sackier
1995 Professor R Rubin
1994 Professor R P Wenzel
1993 Professor E Larson
1992 Professor A A Forder
1991 Professor B Nyström
1990 Professor W F Schlech
1989 Dr H W Jaffe
1988 Professor F D Daschner
1987 Professor G P Bodey
1986 Professor D Maki
1985 Dr P Edelstein
1984 Professor J E McGowan
1983 Dr D Armstrong
1982 Dr E Simchen
1981 Professor L Kallings
1980 Dr P Cruse